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How We Came About And What’s Our Story.

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A Healthier You + Happier Earth

At the core of Organic Basket, we support and encourage the growth and use of organic products. We are committed to integrity in products and the way we do business. Through fair and respectful sourcing, we deal directly with thousands of small family farmers and their communities across the world to produce top quality organic products. We give back to support a wide variety of organic and sustainable farming communities and organizations.


We aim to make healthy living simple, sustainable and accessible by creating a socially responsible business focused on providing genuine organic products for daily life.


To be a global leader in providing healthy, high quality, organic and natural products that is affordable and accessible

Acres of Farms

Why People Choose Our Daily Organic Life With Us

100% Fresh Organic Products

Our products are carefully sourced and go through strict testing to ensure it meets the global standards.

One step closer to sustainability

With increased in online shopping, there has been a significant rise in eco-waste. Keeping this in mind, we have designed biodegradable packaging for our products. Our team is committed to reducing wastage from packaging and delivery. Using eco-friendly packaging reduces our carbon footprint.

Organic Boxes

We aim to make an obligation by giving back to the community. With every purchase, a small percentage goes to organisations that tackle global issues. Such as climate change, reducing our carbon footprint and food security.

Our Global Certifications

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The Process

Organic Boxes
Wide variety of Fresh
Produce and Dried Goods
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